how we roll

We believe it takes a village to rescue a dog and a tribe to raise one.

And we believe in being worthy of our dogs love and devotion. 


We believe every dog needs to be saved.

And to truly rescue a dog, we must make a lifelong promise to protect them from all dangers.

We believe in rescuing dog-loving families. And fostering life-saving dog organizations. 


We believe in teaching dog parents new tricks. And in spreading the “Rescue is Forever” movement. 

We believe in being the masters of our dogs’ communication, needs and fears. Not being our dogs’ masters. 

We believe in taking ownership of our dogs’ physical, mental and emotional wellness. Not being our dogs’ owners.

We believe in foster homes, foster dogs and foster fails. 


We believe in the moments you feel that you have nothing left to give.

And the tiny glimpses of hope that remind you how much of an impact you’ve already made. 

We believe one rescue cannot save them all.

But a group of rescues – a tribe – has the power to save the world. 


We believe in wagging more and barking less.

In digging life and living in the moment.

In being quick to forgive and having the courage to defend. 

We believe in being full of wonder, being passionately curious and always willing to learn new tricks. 

We believe you can never take too many photos of your dog or share too many stories.

And we believe a little bit of wild rumpus is always a good thing – for both you and your dog. 

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We believe dog snoring is adorable; silence is suspicious and there’s nothing cuter than a tilted head and a wiggly butt. 

We believe you’ll never be able to open a jar of peanut butter alone again.

And yelling “Don’t eat that!” will become a part of your daily ritual. 

We believe in looking at your dogs and wondering how you ever got so lucky.

And that your dog must be the exception when your trainer insists that they don’t like hugs. 


We believe in taking others advice. And doing our own research – just to be certain. 

We believe in always being prepared. And in the moments we realize that we forgot to grab the poop bags.

We believe in letting the dogs out. And letting them back in. Then letting them out, then letting them back in again. 


We believe in respecting the wolf inside our dog. And that they most definitely need a sweater to stay warm in winter. 

We believe in having staring contests when they’re pooping and inspecting things after.


We believe in giving up our blankets so we don’t wake them; that you should always wink back just in case it means “I love you” in dog code; and that dog fur is the new black.

We believe Moms know best.

And Dads do, too.

That the most dedicated and curious dog parents do better research than the FBI. 


We believe raising dogs is ruff. And that you’re doing an amazing job. 

We believe in coming together.  That all you need is love…

...and a little bit of curiosity. 


We believe in our tribe. We believe in our dogs.

And we believe in you